Sticker Art Savannah

I have chosen to share this book with you because I think it is one of those little gems that people may dismiss as just being a sticker book when it is actually so much more.  This book not only supports literacy development but also fine motor skills, colour recognition and the ability to pattern and number match.



Sticker Art Savannah by Natural History Museum
Illustrated by Craig & Carl
Published by Allen & Unwin / Quarto Group UK
Date: 26 July 2017
R.R.P: $11.99

This book will inspire your artistic child as they create colourful masterpieces while learning about the animals of the Savannah. There is not a lot to the book as there doesn’t need to be there, there is simply some facts about each animal and a picture for the stickers to be added to make a masterpiece.


The animals are easily identifiable and creates a fun experience for all ages. Young children will enjoy making animal sounds when guessing what each animal is. The facts will keep your older children entertained and more knowledgeable about Savannah animals.  All ages will love sticking the stickers in the right place, and even if they aren’t stuck in the identified right place then it doesn’t matter…imagination is a wonderful thing.














When I initially looked at this book I thought how the little bits would take a long time for the younger children to stick down, however they actually come in larger bits and just look like smaller pieces. If you wanted to challenge the older child you could cut those bigger pieces into smaller bits. I like that this book is versatile.  There are many ways to extend this book as a fun experience, one being playing a guessing game where someone lists some of the facts about one of the animals and everyone has to guess what it is.

So while at first glance it may just seem like a sticker book it is so much more. It’s a book with facts, games can be made from those facts, it’s about matching number, identifying colours and creating Savannah animals that pop out at you full of colour.

Thank you to Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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