Review from Elizabeth – High Flyers

I love that Elizabeth does the occasional review for us, and I am very glad that I gave her this book to review because the message that came out of it is beautiful and on point for tween girls and boys.
The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls: High Flyers by Laura Sieveking
Published by Penguin Random House Australia
Date: 29 May 2017

This book is part of “The Royal Academy of Sports for Girls” series and was published in 2017. It is classified as Juvenile Fiction and categorised as “Gymnastics”and “Childern’s stories”.

The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls is one of the hardest acadamies to join and that is all Abigail Rogers wished for. The pressure builds as Abigail starts at the Adacemy and prepares for her first competition. Will Abigail soar or fall?

For girls aged 6-11 this book is easy to read and quite relatable if you like gymnastics.

I liked this book because the story left you with a good moral.

Never give up and don’t let words bring you down.

By Elizabeth

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