Letterbox Purple Pack

It has taken sometime but I am back to talk about the wonderful BookTrust program Letterbox and the Purple pack they sent me. I loved it when I received it and I love it still now, I think it has a whole heap of items that extend the reading and learning experience, but its best quality is that it is FUN!


The purple pack is for ages 3-5, while it is addressed to the child it is aimed at the adults of the family, compared to the older age group packs which are directed directly to the child. The emphasis of these packs are:

  • Stories
  • Developing language
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Numeracy development
  • FUN

The items appear to vary in each pack, giving the child different experiences over the six month period they receive the pack.  There consistently seems to be 2 books and a finger puppet in each pack along with the other goodies for the children to enjoy.  My pack consisted of:



I am Bear book by Ben Bailey Smith & Sav Akyüz
Press Here by Herve’ Tullet






Numeracy Activity Sheet
Black Texta
Pad Paper






Two Bean Bags
Zebra Puppet









Lots of guidance through a letter, notes and activity suggestions



As you can see it is quite a comprehensive pack, there is guidance but also freedom to use the resources in the way you want to. Not only is the pack extending so many great developmental skills it is also teaching children that reading and learning is fun. 

Now you have had a glimpse of this pack I would love to hear from anyone else that has heard of similar programs in their country? I think this is a great initiative that helps build and support literacy foundations from an early age, and continue to show both children and adults that reading is fun.

Thank you to BookTrust for sending this pack for an honest review and to look at the Letterbox program and all it has to offer.

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