Guff by Aaron Blabey
Published by Penguin Random House Australia
Date: 31 July 2017
R.R.P: $16.99



Sometimes I wonder whether picture books are written for us the adults too, or whether something just resonates with us that it feels that way.  This is how this book was for me,  first of all I loved it – its hard not to love Aaron Blabey books – and second I think we have all had or have a guff in our lives whether it be a fabric or human friend.


My Guff was a Care Bear which was with me for many years, it was very well loved just like Guff in this story is. Guff and his friend play together, sometimes he gets lost, other times he gets dirty, and well sometimes he is boring but still very loved.


The illustrations in this book are beautiful. I like the way that Aaron Blabey has just the amount of detail that is needed, without adding too much into the background. Guff looks like a real life, worn out, but very loved fabric friend.

The cover screams READ ME! I think it is the patchwork look of the cover that intrigues me – it looks similar to a scrapbook page. Scrapbook page to me say family, familiar and memories inside.


Children will relate to this story because many have their own special fabric friend, one that they can’t part with and is part of their every day.  Emotions are a challenge for young children, and this book is great for emotional development. Books like this help children understand different emotions such as happiness, love, and sadness. Seeing other people go process emotions, especially little people like them, demonstrates the normality of going through these feelings.

The faces of the little girl and her mamma show some great expressions in this book, from huge grins to looks of boredom – just looking through the book you get a sense of what they’re feeling. The over sized eyes are expressive, and just like in real life tell a lot about how each character is feeling. Faithful Guff remains the same, no matter what his situation.

A lovely, engaging, and familiar book which will soon become a favourite for children and their Guff (and perhaps big people too).

On the Penguin website it the book is recommended for 4+.
However, I have read it to a toddler group and they remained interested, but I believe that 4+ children would have a better grasp of what is happening in the book.

Thank you to Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.



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