The Awesome Book of Animals




The Awesome Book of Animals by Adam Frost
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing
Date: 1 October 2017
R.R.P: $11.99



It has only been out for 17 days, but without a doubt this picture filled book of facts about awesome animals will be running off the shelves.  I am serious, this book is not only packed full of interesting information but its also a colourful wonderland that will have your least enthusiastic reader turning the pages wanting to learn more.


There are pages filled with information about whose teeth marks are on the page, about animals who move in mysterious ways, poop, laughable laws and how long different animals have been alive.  The author has also been very smart and incorporated humour with facts, this makes it wacky enough for your silliest of readers and straight enough for your most serious of readers.

I was most amazed by what some of the animals eat, I just assumed that most animals live off a diet of vegetables or meat…umm nope…uh ha…bamboo, bullfrogs eating bullfrogs, wood and scorpions just to name a few.  Interesting isn’t it, this is exactly what makes this a fun read, finding out a lot of things that you never knew before.

There is one way this book could have been made even more fun…if the two pages that have “hidden” animals on them could have made the animals discoverable by a torch it would have taken the book to a whole new level.

This book reminded me of the annuals that used to be around when I was a child, where there was a stack of interesting factual information that I poured over time and time again. These annuals became a keepsake for me, just as this book will go places with your fact and animal loving child.

I highly recommend this book and encourage you to grab a copy for your child’s book collection.

Thanks to Bloomsbury for the opportunity to read and review this book


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