All Aboard the Discovery Express



All Aboard the Discovery Express by Emily Hawkins & Tom Adams
Illustrated by Tom Clohoshy-Cole
Published by Quarto UK|Allen & Unwin
Date: 27 September 2017
R.R.P: $27.99


This book is like Disneyland, as you make your way through it there are surprises on every page, discoveries to be made and clues to follow. When this book arrived on my doorstep I literally said “WOW”, I knew in an instant that this would be a most treasured and loved book.

Most children like lift the flap books and this one is unique in its offerings, it is not only helping you to make discoveries under the flaps, but its also inviting you to hop on board the Discovery Express


Upon opening the cover we come across Pierre Henri who is to be the conductor on our journey. He explains that this is to be no ordinary train ride, and along with geographer, explorer and adventurer Nancy Delaney you begin travelling in time, history and across the world.  The purpose of this trip is to find Professor Pendleton – the leader of the crew, whom without Pierre and Nancy are lost.  As we travel across each carriage, each room, and each landmark there are many many clues and information under each flap and it is important that they aren’t missed. From flying machines, the Panama Canal, to one of my favourite pages on the hot air balloon, there will be much fun to be had while learning about inventions of our past and some of the most talent engineers ever.

My words really cannot do this book justice, it is when you get to see the book in person that you realise just how much it is going to spark the imagination of children. Apart from it looking beautiful, it is a textural delight on each page which sparks interaction between those reading through the book.  This book is particularly brilliant for those wanting to be scientists or engineers, and those who simply love discovery and adventure.


So there isn’t much left to do except to listen for your cue to board the Discovery Express… or is there? There is this one cryptic message at the end…

But this isn’t the end of our adventure – it is actually the start of a new one, We’re heading off to another destination as I’ve heard of a mystery that needs solving, and I need YOU to help me…

Stay Tuned.

Thank you to Allen & Unwin and Quarto UK for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.


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