The Incredible Fold-Out Book of Animals



The Incredible Fold-Out Book of Animals by DK
Published by DK|Penguin Random House
Date: 30 October 2017
R.R.P. $24.99


There is something quite spectacular about this book, and just by looking at the cover you do not realise just how compelling it is until you open the pages and are presented with striking photos of animals.  The words I have seem inadequate to describe the stunning photography.  In particular, there is a photo of a yawning tiger showing its tongue, its beautiful whiskers, and its complex stripes that leap out at you from the page. and words really aren’t needed, because eyes are transfixed to the beauty.  When you finally draw your eyes from the images and lift the large flaps you are greeted with more incredibly impacting photos and facts about the animals.


This book is suitable for a range of ages, the sturdy pages make it hardy enough for toddlers and the information engaging enough for an 8 year old.  There isn’t a lot of text in the book, but small pockets of information provide you with some interesting facts. For example did you know that the Toucan loses heat through its beak which helps it keep cool and while the beak looks big it is actually very light.

I like that the book considers the environmental impact on the animals.  Mentioned is how the destruction of ecosystems are a BIGGER threat to their existence and not the animals that prey on them.


Non fiction books such as this are important to add to your child’s collection of literature.  Not only is your child able to enjoy the pictures, but they are gaining knowledge of facts. This knowledge may then be discussed among their peers, with their teacher, or parents which is an extension of the literacy experience and furthering brain development.

This book is simply stunning and engaging. I hope that many children get the opportunity to be transformed inside this incredible animal world.  I know their eyes will be filled with wonder as they come face to face with these incredible images that draw you into each animals world.

Thank you DK Australia|Penguin Australia for the opportunity to read and review this stunning book.


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