All About Aussie Animals & Smarty Arty

Art, Play and Reading are the perfect opportunities for children to learn and extend their developmental and literacy skills, and stimulating their imagination and curiosity, while helping with brain development.  All this is important to me which is why over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing with you an art kit from the Smarty Arty store about Aussie Animals and my pick of books to go with it.

A completed Aussie Animals pack

You’re probably wondering what Smarty Arty is, well, they are an Australian company whose philosophy is Education through Creation. They provide craft packs and art supplies that inspire your child’s creativity and enhance their development. Smarty Arty also design these packs to support Child Care, Family Day Care and School National Curriculum outcomes.

In collaborating with Bec and her team at Smarty Arty over the next couple of weeks, I am going to show you how you can use books and their packs together to create learning experiences, and most importantly extending the fun that you already get from these packs.  Many of my readers are aware that I prefer crafts that come from a child’s imagination, but I also believe there is a time for more organised art experiences and so much can be learnt from them, especially when paired with books.

The instructions for the art experiences

Some of the reasons I think these packs are a valuable art experience:

  • You get everything you need in a pack which makes it a no fuss craft option  – no searching for all the pieces you need as they are all together.
  • Supports your child’s development – fine motor skills, brain development, imagination, creativity, literacy and curiosity.
  • Gets delivered straight to your door.
  • Themes are used that are familiar to children e.g. farm, dinosaurs, animals, shapes and numbers.
  • Children are exposed to a variety of tactile experiences through the use of different art materials.

Does this sound like something that is of interest to you?  Stay tuned as a couple of my posts over the next two weeks will be me sharing books and ideas with you.

The Books I have gathered (mostly from the library) to share with you.

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