Hug Machine



Hugs Machine by Scott Campbell
Published by Simon & Schuster Australia
Date: November 2014 (Board Book to be released January 2018)
R.R.P. 19.99


With a title like Hug Machine there was no way I could go past this book, hugs are one of the most simple acts one can do but is also one of the most caring and kind things that can be done.  It is books like this, spreading love and happiness that I want to share with children.  With messages that tell them that you are loved!

  IMG_5139                  IMG_5138
I love these end pages, they tie in beautifully with the story.

The Hug Machine is the best at hugging everyone and everything, his hugs help people feel happier and make tears disappear, no matter what size you are or what shape you are.  He even hugs spiky things and humongous things, he hugs anything anywhere.  Can you guess what gives him the energy to hug so much? Shhhh…it starts with P…and tastes yummy.

This book is inclusive and shows that all people are worth loving.  Scott Campbell has made this book playful and fun, and I came away with a warm and gooey feeling.  The story shows the reader that even sometimes the Hug Machine needs a hug, especially after a day of hugging everyone and everything.

The illustrations are great, with plenty of white space on most pages but still a lot of detail to look at.  I found my fingers following a path on one of the pages as we went past each hug which made me stop to look at each little picture and take in all the details.


There are messages in the book that aren’t directly said in words but are implied, an example of this is when in one section the words sayThey cheer them up”.  These words create an opportunity to talk about what that person might have been feeling and why they might have been feeling that way.  One of the other stand out messages in this book is that the Hug Machine has the ability to understand the feelings of others and takes the time to comfort them.  This is an example of empathy and it goes to show that you are never too young to learn it.


This book would make a lovely addition to your child’s book collection.  It teaches children kindness, empathy and how to love others regardless of what people’s differences are, all beautiful qualities that will stay with them throughout life.

Thank you Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read and review this book.



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