Freaks on the Loose

Wanted!  Freaks of 4F!

Have your wits about you because these freaks antics are out of control!  No one is safe, especially not Miss Corker who wants 4F to learn.

Do you dare read this book?

 Will the freaks have you running away in the first few pages?




Freaks on the Loose by Leigh Hobbs
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: 2 January 2018
R.R.P. $16.99


Brand new teacher Miss Corker is about to meet class 4F, she has no idea what the F stands for and is in for quite the shock when she meets her class for the very first time.  Miss Corker tries to remain confident as she works through The Teacher’s Handbook, step-by-step as each problem arises.  I am surprised Miss Corker didn’t realise how bad class 4F is when she met the principle for the first time – he looks a little disheveled, with an arm in a sling and band aids on his face.  When all seems disastrous and class 4F cannot be controlled, Miss Corker has some mischief of her own…

This freakish book has two freakish stories in one, 4F For Freaks and Freaks Ahoy.  These are the perfect books for that age group (7-11 year olds) where mayhem and antics are their main game!  There are not too many words on each page, and what is there is easy to read even for your early reader.  The balanced mix of words and illustrations is why this book is so versatile when it comes to age range.

Apart from this book simply being fun and chaotic, there is a message the lies beneath all that mayhem.  The book teaches us to accept each other no matter what we look like, to persevere when solving issue or doing something new, and to never ever in your life teach Class 4F  they are somewhere in Australia (suspected to be in Tasmania).  If you do see them turn around and RUN!

So your probably wondering whether I recommend you read this book given all the freaks that are in it, hmmm well it is certainly:


So YES, what are you waiting for?  Grab yourself and your child a copy and be completely freaked out and laughing until your sides hurt, but remember keep one eye open at all times because you never know if Class 4F are just around the corner.

Thank you to Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and review this book

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