The Pink Hat

The Pink Hat by Author/Illustrator Andrew Joyner
Published by Penguin Books Australia
Date: 15 January 2018
R.R.P. $24.99



You know a book is fairly special when there are themes of solidarity and equality, where men stand up for the rights of women, where a little girl marches with millions of other women for their future.

If you didn’t know this book was about women’s rights then you simply wouldn’t know until the very last page, up until then it is simply a book about a pink hat.  The Author\Illustrator Andrew Joyner, has successfully put together a book that children will relate to and enjoy, while also celebrating girls/women and diversity in a way that children can understand and will be interested in.

The book starts with a lady knitting a pink hat, as the pages turn I see this lady using the hat in different ways.  Then a cat grabs the hat and has fun with it until…the hat travels from animal to person, eventually being found by a little girl who wears the hat as she marches for the rights of girls and women.


It is important to note the author has written this book this in a respectful way, and is in no way pushing the feminist perspective.  In fact, there is a story within the story as we are shown that the hat can be used a toy, a foot cozy, a bag, pillow, and a baby snug until it’s eventually a symbol of solidarity and equality.


On of the best and most effective parts of the book is that the illustrations have been done in black, white, and pink that pops from each page.  I enjoyed the illustrations so much that I flicked through the book quite a few times. Andrew has not only included women and girls on the pages but men too.  The illustrations are also diverse and portray people from varying cultures, it looks naturally done and not as if people from different cultures have been added as a last minute thought.  So in many ways Andrew Joyner has made this book about equality for all people and not just women.


Overall, I think this is a really great book.  While for some age groups it may take a bit of explaining about the march at the end, but this can be done in a simple and direct manner with the assistance of this book.  Congratulations Andrew Joyner on your authorial debut and for advocating for girls and women.

Thank you to Penguin Books Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book.



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