How to Be A Fashion Designer

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How to Be a Fashion Designer by Lesley Ware
Published by DK Australia
Date: 29 January 2018
R.R.P. $24.99



Do you have a budding stylist at home, or perhaps someone who likes to be creative and design things, or maybe they just love fashion?  How to be a Fashion Designer will inspire your tween and encourage them to use their imagination to design outfits, and accessories from scratch.

Throughout the book are challenges and tips that take the reader to the end of the book to create designs, and beyond the book to create a moodboard.  Do it yourself pages list essentials to enable your reader to engage in the projects. The pages are very hands on and encourages the reader to put into action what they have been reading about.


Colour engulfs each page and there is plenty of useful information to read; each page is a collage of pictures, swatches and accessories which inspires the reader and teaches them information on fashion design. One of the best pages in the book is a colour wheel, this demonstrates to the reader how colours contrast and is a useful tool to refer back to regularly.  This is a great start to the book and is just a small taste of what the remainder has to offer.

I also really love that this book talks about environmental concerns and how to give old clothes new life.  So while the reader is learning how to be a stylist they are also learning how to think about the future and the impact having new things all the time is having on the environment.


One of the reasons I would recommend this book is because it encourages tweens to be themselves, to find what they like and use that to create.  I think that the hands on section at the back of the book will be a winning factor with your tween reader, because it is all about them having a go.

This stylish book combines designing, art and hands on experience to provide STEAM learning experiences that are accessible outside of the classroom or library.

Thank you to DK Australia| Penguin for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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