Push! Dig! Scoop!



Push! Dig! Scoop!by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrated by Daniel Kirk
Published by Allen & Unwin|Bloomsbury
Date: 31/10/2016
R.R.P. $14.99


From early morning until it’s time for bed, mama and papa are teaching their little trucks how to dig, scoop, and push at the construction site.  This tough and burly crew scoop up dirt, dump it, lay BIG steel beams, mix the cement and roll it flat; at the end of the day they give a TOOT TOOT to celebrate their hard work.

This is a beautiful story of a family of trucks working together is written in rhyming form, and have a pattern of sentences that will soon have your child memorising the words and joining in with the story.


It is books like this one that I like to have on hand for a group story time session, mainly for the 3-5 age group, but occasionally a toddler group that will sit still for long enough.  Apart from the rhyming nature of the book, this book also has counting integrated into the story.

Over by the dirt pile, just as mighty as can be, works a daddy wheel loader with his little loaders THREE.

Integrating counting into a story like this, assists children with learning to count in a way where they don’t even realise they’re learning.  While there is nothing wrong with teaching your child to count directly, sometimes the subtle form of learning through literacy can be a positive and interactive way to digest information.

The illustrations are colourful, and the trucks are all spaced out well enough so that they are easy to identify and to point to for counting.  Some of the pictures are fun and somewhat amusing, for example one of the children graders has a dummy in its mouth, clearly the baby of the family.  In a steamroller picture, the children rollers have missing teeth.  These attributes are another element to look at and discover with your child.

Overall, I recommend this book because of not only its lovely story but also its versatility.  There is so much more to this story than simply just reading it, I like a book that gives a well rounded literacy experience and encourages children to explore the pages.

Thank you to Allen & Unwin and Bloomsbury for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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