Starlight Stables


Starlight Stables Bk’s 5 & 6 by Soraya Nicholas
Published by Puffin|Penguin Books
Date: 2 January 2018
R.R.P. $12.99


January this year books 5 & 6 of the Starlight Stables series were published, much to the delight of tween girls and boys.  This Australian series celebrates the adventures of three horse-crazy friends who sometimes learn that caring for horses can be hard, and the ups and downs that come with being friends.

Book 5 – Brumby Rescue

Brumby Rescue follows Poppy and her new brumby Storm, who is more wild than she had imagined.  Poppy soon learns that he isn’t going to be as easy to train as she thought While at times Storm seemed as tame as the other horses, it takes time and patience to build that bond that cement their kinship.  It’s with the help of her friends Milly and Katie that Poppy gets through each stage with Storm.

Book 6 – Barmah Brumbies

These books in this series teach the readers about friendship.  Friendship can be a roller coaster, especially for a tween girl.  Friends are there for you when you are unsure or there are major changes in your life and Poppy finds that to be true in this book.  Of course not everything is smooth sailing in Barmah Brumbies when the confident and bold Millie suggests they go on an unscheduled and unsupervised exploration.

Like each of the books in this series, the adventures of these three horse loving girls are at time risky, fun and about family and friendship.  One thing never waivers, their love and dedication to their beautiful horses, and their determination to protect the wild Brumbies.

If your tween loves horses then this series is without a doubt perfect for them.  The love that Poppy, Milly and Katie have for their horses, and the dedication they have taking care of them sets a good example of what is expected when owning your own horse.  The dialogue is also very true of their age, which other tweens will relate to.

If there is something I learnt from Poppy, Milly, Katie and their horses is that they are determined and never give up, something other tweens can aspire to.

Thank you Puffin|Penguin books for the opportunity to read and review these books.

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