Olivia’s Secret Scribbles


Olivia’s Secret Scribbles by Meredith Costain
Illustrated by Danielle McDonald
Published by Scholastic Australia
Date: February 2018
R.R.P. $5.00

Olivia’s Secret Scribbles is another quality piece of writing from Australia’s very talented Meredith Costain.  If the children in your life love the Ella Diaries, then they will not be disappointed by this new series aimed at readers aged 6 and over.

“This is the very first page of my special private secret book! And guess where I am writing it?

Olivia has her own diary, a new bedroom and is hoping for a new friend because her best friend Lucy has moved away.  Her secret scribbles are super important, especially when she is trying to solve mysteries.  It doesn’t take too long to realise that Olivia is very confident and likes to record every interesting and mysterious thing happening in her life.


The combination of text and pictures in hues of pink make this a fun book to read. There is such a mix of different ways that Olivia has written in her diary that your young reader won’t have time to get bored.  It is one of those books that will keep being read until the very end, because it’s too exciting not to see if Olivia unfolds the mysteries surrounding her.

The book flows well and is perfectly simple for the age its aimed at.  Olivia is endearing but with a little mischievousness on the side which adds depth to the character.  Her inquisitive nature is what makes her such a fun and likable character. I look forward to seeing what other dramatic situations Olivia will get up to.


This is the perfect book for your young, early readers and those who get overwhelmed by too much text on a page. Be warned though, they will get to the end and want the next one already because Meredith Costain has cleverly let us into the world of the little sister and her adventures.

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