Fearless Frederic


Fearless Frederic by Felice Arena
Published by Penguin Random House Australia
Date: 2 April 2018
R.R.P. $16.99




Felice Arena has officially gained a new fan, I just finished Fearless Frederick and I want him to write at least one more book about Frederic and his friends (including the homeless boy) asap.  I read a lot of children’s chapter books, but none have been quite like this one, its story is fresh and real, with an injection of history that brings it all into a well paced adventure.

This book is about Frederic and his friends Claire and Thierry who met when their homes were affected by the great floods in Paris in 1909.  The book starts with a great tragedy in Frederic’s life, but from his sadness grows a strength that helps him overcome the impacts of the flood.  The adventures that he and his friends are taken on have a delightful sense of fun, and through surprises and dangers Frederic hopes to find justice for his father.

We also get a small look at Frederic’s true passion – horses, which I hope the author explores further if he turns this book into a series.  I think his gentle nature and love for horses speaks volumes about the lovely young man he is, and the acceptance he has of the simplicity of his life.  Thierry I can relate to a lot, he is just as nerdy as I, or possibly even more so.  I would love to read his journal because you can just tell that Thierry has more in there than he shares, his passion for libraries is a huge plus.  My heart ached a little as soon as I met Claire, you could tell there was hardship in her life and she just wanted security, warmth, and most of all friendship.  She is without a doubt the mischievous one out of all three.

Felice Arena has taken a piece of history and made it into a compelling book for children.  It is packed with facts but has an added imaginative touch that makes this a well paced adventure that has the delightful sense of kinship and verve.  This book reminds the reader that a lot can be achieved when people come together and work as whole.

This book is going to have widespread popularity with children and adults, it is one of those that I think is worth taking the time to read regardless of your age.  The ease with which the words flow make it an achievable read even for the more reluctant reader.  Thank you Felice Arena for a wonderfully written book.

Thank you Penguin Books Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Did you know that Felice Arena writes the Specky Magee Books?  If your child enjoys football but finds reading a little bit of a challenge, perhaps pick up a Specky Magee book while the football season is on and give them a try.


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