Not So Scary Bear


Not So Scary Bear by Ruth Waters
Published by Windy Hollow Books
Date: 1 May 2018
R.R.P. $25.99


Sometimes bears seem scary, with their loud snores and GRRRS, when they look so so tall and want frighten people.  But this bear has a secret…shhh…he likes knitting, looking at the stars, and sitting quietly, and all he really wants is to have a friend; bear is lonely.  This clever and delightfully written story takes us on a journey with bear as he tries to find a friend.

Ruth Waters book is fun, celebrates difference, and the importance of being true to yourself.  This well paced adventure saw me instantly charmed by bear; I love that he wears patterned woolen jumpers and behaves the opposite of what is expected of him.  Most of all I like the emphasis on bear trying his best to solve his problem.

The collage pictures are endearing, playful and pop from the page.  It is a really aesthetically pleasing book as far as the collage is concerned, but I find the font and its colour less pleasing to the eye.  Call me boring if you must but I would have much preferred black for the font.

I think this book is perfect for group storytime sessions, where everyone can join in with GRRRS, big Hello’s, and perhaps an Oh No or two.  The Suspense of the book allows the reader to use inflection in their voice and slowly turn the page to unravel what is going to happen next.

Overall I think this is a lovely book and would make a wonderful series of bear books; I would love to see what other adventures bear and the not so quiet mouse get up to.

Thank you Ruth Waters for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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