Spot Goes Surfing

Spot Goes Surfing by Eric Hill
Published by Penguin
Date: 3 September 2018
R.R.P. $9.99



Spot has been taking children on adventures for years, and he continues to excite and delight children all around the world.  I know he is favourite for children at my storytime sessions, especially toddlers.

Spot Goes Surfing By Eric Hill is about Spot and his family on holiday at the beach.  This adventure sees spot getting excited about learning to surf, having fun making sandcastles and enjoying a picnic at the beach with his family and friends.

The simplicity of Spot stories are what engage children.  Familiar stories about the beach and making sandcastles are all something that most children can related to.  I like the positive messages that fill the pages of Spot books.  In Spot Goes Surfing,  he is wobbly on his surf board, but instead of giving up Spot realises that with practice he can get better.  It is messages like these that teach children about their ability to achieve.

This spot book is particularly colouful, using greens, purples, oranges, blues, yellows and pinks; and being in board book format means even the smallest of your readers will be able to turn the pages in this book.

I recommend this Spot book for babies to preschoolers, particularly with summer just being around around the corner.

Thank you Penguin Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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