The Brave Knight



The Brave Knight by Sally Gould
Illustrated by Celeste Hulme
Published by New Frontier Publishing
Date: 1 August 2018
R.R.P. $24.99

This book to me is simply about a little boy and his imagination, and it is so beautiful.  I am a big believer in nurturing the imagination of children and books like these perfectly do so.

I am a knight. Handsome and BRAVE

What I like about this book is that it is positive, fun and adventurous.  It is about a young knight (boy), who is protecting his castle (his backyard play equipment) with a sword (cardboard).  BEWARE, he is watching and listening, hiding, then pretending to look like a peasant to capture his enemies (his toys and doggy).  Does his disguise work? Can he capture the intruders in his castle?  I am sure a BRAVE Knight can do anything he puts his mind to.

The illustrations are something special, they are in soft hues but somehow pop from the page, and draw you into each drawing.  Celeste Hulme is clearly quite talented and has captured the story so well through illustration, there is a lot of quite space on the pages and this is what melds the words and pictures together to create cohesiveness.

This book flows naturally with warmth and simplicity, it is clever and will grow the imagination of your toddlers and 3-5 year old’s. There are not a lot of words on each page and it is easy to read, although some words might be unfamiliar to your young reader, such as peasant.

I highly recommend this book about a BRAVE Knight, but BEWARE he is watching and might capture you in his dungeon!

Thank you New Frontier Publishing for the opportunity to read and honesty review this book.

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