Curious Adventures in Illustration

Curious Adventures in Illustration

One thing I love about being a Librarian is the diverse range of interesting projects and experiences that I get to be involved in.  This year I have had the pleasure of spending time with Judith Rossell and her exhibition – Curious Adventures in Illustration at Eltham Library.

Jude is one of the loveliest souls I have ever met, she genuinely enjoys engaging with her readers and admirers of her illustrations.  One thing she seems to be really enjoying is seeing the curious creatures that children have been making in the exhibition area.  If you haven’t been in to make your’s yet then come in soon because there is only two weeks left.


Each time I meet an author I am really inspired by their creativity and talent.  What inspires me most about Judith is that she clearly gets great joy from her work, and this is evident when she talks about it and shares it with others.

As each exhibition is held each year I am reminded to share how diverse libraries have become.  They have always been a haven for information and community, but its no longer just about books and how quiet a library can be. Libraries are about different forms of information, sharing and learning – art, books, music, craft, and meeting together in groups, and the occasional bit of noise – no shhhing here.

Jude’s books and art work are familiar to many children, especially her very popular Stella Montgomery series.  The experience of seeing these art pieces in person is a really nice extension of the book and literacy experience.  Children develop through communication, creativity, play and reading, and this exhibition allows you to experience all this.

There are a set of three illustrations from her Stella Montgomery series and are by far my favourite in the whole exhibition.

There is one particular treasure in the exhibition that I am finding is the most talked about piece – a cardboard house that is so detailed and inspiring, and real.  There are mini wheelie bins that could easily be a shrunken down version of your own, tiny food, tiny book, and some mini bowling pins that are scattered throughout the house.

Thanks Jude for sharing your photo with me.

If you live in Melbourne, I encourage you to pop into Eltham Library for the exhibition before it closes in less than two weeks.  Come say Hi to Judith, and if you are free tomorrow night 10 January 2019, then pop in for her talk – you can find out more here

Thanks Judith for sharing your talents with us at Eltham Library and I am can’t wait to see what comes from your imagination in the future.



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