Princess Ponies 9: The Lucky Horseshoe


Princess Ponies 9: The Lucky Horseshoe by Chloe Ryder
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing
Date: 4 February 2019
R.R.P. $9.99



The lucky Horseshoe is number 9 in the Princess Ponies series, taking you on more adventures with Pippa to Chevalia.  This edition comes with the beautiful addition of a collectable horseshoe charm with green little gems.

Author Chloe Ryder has used her imagination to take you on adventures to help Pippa, Princess Stardust and the Pirate Ponies to get rid of the bad luck spell that Divine has let loose on Chevalia.  Along the way Pippa meets Cow Sharks for the first time – which I think sounds like amazing sea creatures – and learns from a very wise horse, their new friend Connie, that if you seek goodness within that nothing can stop it.


There are lovely details throughout the book that adds a little mystery to it, including that time doesn’t pass in the real world when Pippa is at Chevalia.  In this story I also like how they tied Pippa’s aunts’ story in with Chevalia and the new horse Connie, I thought it was a good way to bring closure for her aunt.

The statement “Well, I’ll be clovered”, shows how the author Chloe really puts everything into every little detail, just about everything is related to horses and it all flows naturally.   Another detail that I thought bought character to the book is the horse shoe that is around each page number.

The black and white illustrations throughout the book add a lovely visual interpretation of the story, which also balances out the chapters to make them easier to read for newer readers.

The content is easy to read, the storyline is easily followed, and the stories are simple and focus on positive outcomes.  Overall, I recommended these books for 5 years and over, especially for your horse loving child.

Thank you Bloomsbury Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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