The Clue is in the Poo and Other Stuff Too


The Clue is in the Poo and Other Stuff Too by Andy Seed
Illustrated by Claire Almon
Published by Quarto Group UK/Allen & Unwin
Date: 7 January 2019
R.R.P. $24.99

To some this book might seem a little big gross, but it is actually quite informative and just another way to learn about our world and how things work.  I know my 7-year-old nephew is going to love this book as he is at an age where non-fiction presents facts in a fun (and sometimes gross) way.

The book starts with telling the reader about what they need to do to be a nature detective, and what tools a tracker need.  Apart from a sharp pair of eyes some of the essential tools include a measuring tape, tweezers, a camera, and a stick.

Author Andy Seed then presents us with facts about the bigger the poo the bigger the animal, facts about faeces, footprint fun, minibeast accommodation, and Skull-Duggery.  So, you can see its not just about the poo, but other things animals leave behind like feathers, eggs, footprints and partially chewed remains of food.

Non Fiction opens a child’s mind to possibilities and a book like this encourages a child to get outside as well as learning from the fun facts, quizzes and comparing animals, all in a fun and informative way.  I find books like this are great for children that don’t learn as well by being talked at, but rather exploring through words and pictures at their own pace.

The book has been beautifully illustrated and a lot of detail has gone into each page.  Each skull, poop, footprint, bug, and creature is detailed and I imagine that the Claire Almon did a lot of research to bring an accurate portrayal to the reader.


In some ways this book is a delightful sense of bizarre and readers aged 5-12 are going to have a lot of fun with it.  It’s fresh (well not on the nose) and packed with facts, and is perfect not only for a personal book collection, but would be a great learning tool for classrooms and home schooling families.  Whether it’s a small or big poo, wide or slithery tracks there is bound to be something in the book for everyone.

Thank you Quarto Group UK and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to honestly read and review this book.

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