Baz & Benz

Before I share my thoughts on another fabulous book by Heidi McKinnon, I want to Congratulate her on her making the 2019 CBCA Notables list Early Childhood category for It’s a Long Way to the Shop. I have loved all three of her books thus far and there is just something super special about her ability as author/illustrator.  I see big things for Heidi and can’t wait to see what else she produces through the years to come.



Baz & Benz by Heidi Mckinnon
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: 4 March 2019
R.R.P. $24.99



The minute I opened Baz & Benz and began to read, I felt joy and a whole lot of love for this story about friendship.  Baz & Benz are a big and small owl, Baz is blue and Benz is green.  Baz asks Benz would they still be the best of friends if he was purple with spots, a scary bat, or was to make annoying sounds?  Benz being the wonderful friend that he is makes sure Baz knows that no matter what colour he is, or how annoying he may be, that he is loved for just being himself and they would always be friends.

The book is well layered and has been cleverly written with confidence, simplicity, and imagination.  It is one of those stories that children will keep coming back to because it spreads warmth and happy feelings.  The words flow naturally and while in some ways the book is whimsical, it also encapsulates a moving tone.

Heidi uses space and colour well in her books, and I particularly love her ability keep the illustrations simple yet somehow fill every inch of the page.  The use of different fonts throughout the book in no way affect the ability of a small child to read the words because the text is a good size and spaced out well for a new reader.

This book is perfect for a variety of age groups, toddlers through to school age children because of the few words on each page and the storyline which appeals to a variety of ages.

Simply, I love this book and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Heidi for delivering another fantastic book that will fill children’s hearts with a positive understanding of what friendship and acceptance is.

Thank you Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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