Lottie and Walter

Lottie and Walter by Anna Walker
Published by Penguin Random House|Puffin
Date: 5 March 2019
R.R.P. $24.99



Anna Walker not only has the gift of her illustrations capturing your imagination, but her words do something to the soul.  This precious book Lottie and Walter warmed my heart, the words amazingly constructed to tell a story of one little girl’s fear and a friend that helps her get through it.

“Lottie has a secret…Only Lottie knew that a shark was hiding in the swimming pool.”  Each week at Swimming lesson Lottie just sits and watches, making sure the shark doesn’t eat her.  It is not until one week that Lottie makes a new friend Walter, that she begins to find her bravery.

It is never said that Lottie is scared of the water, yet we know that she is.  Seeing Lottie transform into someone who is brave shows children that fears can be overcome, especially when you have someone else by your side.

Anna Walker seems to understand children’s thinking well, she knows just what to write about and does so in a way that uses imagination to empower children.  In this book, we see Lottie talk through her concerns with her new buddy but it is her that makes the ultimate decision to brave in the end.  Anna shows that children can think things through themselves and it is great that this is highlighted in the book.

The illustrations are really special, even though the faces on the characters are really simple their feelings are easily discernible through their expressions.  There is a lot captured on some pages but the illustrations aren’t overwhelming and present themselves in a way that still feels minimalist.  Anna has a knack for being able to draw animals and Walter has been beautifully detailed and he has real character that makes him warming and friendly.

I highly recommend this book, especially for children who have fears and uncertainties.  I know they will be inspired by Lottie and Walter and see that they can be brave even though things can be scary sometimes.

Thank you Anna Walker for another amazingly beautiful book that inspires children to be brave.

Thank you Penguin|Puffin books for the opportunity to read and honesty review this book.

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