Rosie and Rasmus Book Launch


I met Serena Geddes only about a year and a half ago, and I was instantly drawn to her beautiful, friendly personality.  She deeply cares for others, and is simply kind and this was evident today at her book launch for her first Author/Illustated book Rosie and Rasmus at The Little Bookroom.  Some of you may be familiar with Serena’s illustrations in the Lulu Bell Series, written by Belind Murrell.

Dee White (also an amazing author) described Serena as being someone with generosity of spirit, and, Rosie and Rasmus is a reflection of her.  Rosie reflects her because she is kind and a very good friend (I agree!), and she is Rasmus because he is brave which has been evident over the years that it has taken to pull this book together.  I think Dee White was spot on with this and there may have been a few tears – and not just from Serena.

Serena said her thankyou’s, and it sounds like she has some wonderful supportive people behind her.  For those of you that know nothing about the process of writing and publishing a book, the process is usually long and not easy so having a team of people going through the process with you is important.

We also got to hear about the process of her illustrating her book, and it was interesting to see that through her journey she learnt from others which has seen her grow as an illustrator and author.  It just shows how much of a family authors and illustrators are to one another, and how they willingly share their skills, time and constructive comments to help each other shine.

Two of the highlights was the book being read to us all, and Serena doing a drawing of Rosie and Rasmus with ideas from the younger members of the audience.  There is something special about an author reading their own work to people, they intimately know that book and its characters and I always feel like I am seeing more of the story than I would if I read it myself.

Quote of the day, Serena mentioned how a friend said to her “You know Rasmus is not real right…”

I am immensely happy for Serena because Rosie and Rasmus is a beautiful story which is going to become a favourite of many children.  Join me in congratulating Serena Geddes on Rosie and Rasmus, it is simply divine and I cannot wait to share a review of it with you all in the coming weeks.

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