Detention by Tristan Bancks
Published by Puffin/Penguin books
Date: 2 July 2019
R.R.P. $16.99



Detention was a privilege to read. It was confronting, powerful, emotional filled and an important story to tell.  It reminded me that not all Australians live equally, and some people will do all that they can to be ‘free’ from the constraints of what one part of society accepts as ok.

This is a story of a young girl, Sima, who is living her life behind wire fences as a refugee.  It is also a story of a young man called Dan, who has his own ‘wire fences’ to get through.  Both are brave and face adversity in their everyday, both discover each other after a daring escape and a school lockdown.  Their worlds become all about trust and hard decisions which will change and impact both their lives.

Despite the life Sima has been forced to live I feel that she is a relatively strong character.  I think she will inspire other young women and men by her ability to remain brave, particularly during one of the most unsettling times of her life.  I like that she focused on her goal and never allowed fear to stop her from reaching it.

When I fist met Dan my heart instantly ached for him, in some ways more than Sima because he was lonely and without a lot of love.  He had strength in his own way, but I think his story was more about acceptance and being loved.  Meeting Sima and learning about her circumstances was life changing for Dan.

Tristan Bancks has tackled some big issues in a sensitive and respectful way.  He hasn’t lectured, but simply written a story that gives us information about human rights and equality for all.  Detention is recommended for ages 11+ which I agree with.  This would be a perfect book for a class read a-loud-book because I believe it will provoke thoughtful conversation and open discussion.

Thank you Tristan Bancks for sharing with us how people like Sima, Dan and their families, who are considered minorities by some of society, are fighting to bring equality in focus.

Thank you Puffin/Penguin books for the opportunity to honestly read and review this book.

Want to see something amazing that is happening here in Australia for Refugees?  I just watch Cast From The Storm  and was really moved by it.  I applaud the teachers from this school and the students that share their stories.

iView – Cast From The Storm
Cast From The Storm Website


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