Books on Tour: Kisses in your Heart


Kisses in your Heart by Sonia Bestulic
Illustrated by Nancy Bevington
Published by Big Sky Publishing
Date: 10 June 2019
R.R.P. $14.99



Kisses in your Heart is a beautiful story that reminds you that no matter where you are or how you are feeling that your mamma’s kisses are with you and will help make everything ok.

This rhyming book was inspired by Sonia’s bedtime routine with her young children, which can become a part of your own child’s sleep time routine.  Even though it has a bedtime theme, this book can be used anytime as it explores themes about family, feeling safe, bravery, self-empowerment and emotional development.

When I read this book I felt like it really has a place for families that don’t live together for whatever circumstances that may be.  I feel that it would be reassuring for children from split families that may struggle with separation anxiety, families who have a parent who is deployed and serving their country, for families who has a parent that works away for weeks at a time, foster children, children who spend long term in hospital or for a child who struggles with being left at kindergarten, childcare, or family friend.

The words are reassuring and will help children overcome their fears by realising that their loved one is still with them wherever they may be.  I think it is important that children feel loved and this book certainly made me smile knowing that is how the book will make them feel

The words have good rhythm for an early reader, and the illustrations are simply sweet and will bring a smile to the readers face.  It is brilliantly uplifting but also doesn’t shy away from the fact that children do have things that make them worry.

Overall this is a sweet read, that will teach your child how to take the good feelings with them wherever they go.

Thank you to Big Sky Publishing and Books on Tour for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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