Book Reviews in Haiku

Four reviews done in haiku, something a little different and a fun way to talk about a book.  I am not normally a Haiku writer, it is just for a bit of fun.  Enjoy!




Don’t follow Vee by Oliver Phommavanh
Published by Puffin|Penguin Random House
Date: 7 May 2019
R.R.P. $16.99




Vee dreams of freedom
look away don’t follow her
no more insta life


Eco Rangers: Microbat Mayhem by Candice Lemon-Scott
Illustrated by Aska
Published by New Frontier
Date: June 2019
R.R.P $14.99




Adventure park rescue
Microbat discovery
Quick, time is crucial


How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet by Lee Constable
Illustrated by James Hart
Published by Penguin Random House
Date: 4 June 2019
R.R.P. $19.99



Waste Warrior Guide
Stinky garbage adventure
Mission recycle

52 Mondays by Anna Ciddor
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: 4 March 2019
R.R.P. $14.99



Childhood remembered
Family, love, adventurous days
Mondays in Melbourne

Thank you to Penguin Random House, New Frontier and Allen and Unwin for the opportunity to read and honestly review these books.

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