Meerkat SPLASH



Meerkat SPLASH by Aura Parker
Published by Penguin Books|Puffin
Date: 2 July 2019
R.R.P. $19.99



This has to be one of the best colour recognition books that I have seen in a while.  The meerkats are cute, the words flow easily,  and it is one of those books that are playfully engaging.

It’s About…
Meerkat SPLASH is about some cheeky looking Meerkat’s who have been ‘Scratching, digging, down, down, down.’ It is time to get clean and have a bath, being called there one by one by one…Can you smell a stinky stink?  Bathtime quick for Meerkat Pink!’ As each colour Meerkat gets to the bath there is lots of splashing and fun…and no doubt some giggling from the children.

The illustrations stole my heart; the colours whimsical and dancing across the page, and those meerkat faces just as cute as the real thing.  The visual impact hits you from the very start and there is a good balance between white space and the busyness of the page.

The words flow easily across the page and the rhyming has been well constructed which is not easy to achieve when writing a book.  Meerkat SPLASH isn’t only just about learning and recognising colours, but also has bathtime theme.


What I particularly like about this book is that it caters to a variety of ages, I would use this book for two year olds and above. The words are large and clear on the pages so is suitable for children learning to read.

For Librarians, kindergarten teachers or any other storytellers, this book is ideal for a group storytime session.  What I like about it most for group sessions is that it is engaging which means children will be able to talk about what each colour is, and once they know the book they join in with the Flipping, Slidingand Floating words.

Overall, this is simply a fantastic book and I have been using this a lot at Outreaches and Storytime sessions.  It’s fun and playful, and teaches children about colours and getting clean after a big day of playing.  Thank you Aura Parker for writing such a delightful book.

Thank you Penguin/Puffin books for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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