Words To Love By

Words to Love By by Rick Warren
Illustrated by Ag Jatkowska
Published by Zonderkids
Date: 20 March 2019
R.R.P. $24.99

This book is a thing of beauty, an uplifting, warm hug that fills your heart and soul with a whole lot of goodness. Words to live by is all about having the power to change someone’s life with your words, it’s about words seeming small, but they are actually big, huge things that encourage. It teaches children about respectful words and how to thank others, and how you can build friendships by using the right words.

Words can encourage.

I believe in you…

…you’re going to be great.

…you’re really good at that.

I like that it also talks about words of anger and doesn’t brush over it. It helps children recognise that sometimes our feelings aren’t all good and that is ok that we have them but its how we use them that count. 

It also touches on bullying by talking about how powerful words can be and how they steer you in the direction you want to go so avoiding words like ugly and bad and using words like love and share are better. Overall it is simply a story about thinking of what words you use and how they make people feel. 

I love that the book is culturally positive and represents many people. The illustrations are bright, and Rick and Ag have creatively incorporated some of the words into the illustrations. The word mountain is one of my favourite pages, and I think it will be fun for children to discover the different words in it.

This inspirational book will teach children how what we say can change the lives of others around us. It’s a beautifully perfect book that expresses gratitude and love.

I won this book from Koorong Book Stores and have chosen to share my thoughts on it by choice and was not obligated to based on winning.

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