A Companion for all Kindred Spirits

The Anne of Green Gables Devotional: A Chapter-by-Chapter Companion for Kindred Spirits by Rachel Dodge
Published by Barbour & Co
Date: November 2020
R.R.P. $19.99

There is beauty in taking something we all love and know and turning it into something unique and special. The Anne of Green Gables Devotional helped me see the story of Anne Shirley in a whole different light and It took a beloved story and showed me the face of the Lord in its characters that come to life through God’s word.

Rachel Dodge has thought of everything in this darling book and I feel blessed to have had the privilege to begin making these devotions part of my everyday. Rachels opening letter shows you just how God was a part of Anne Shirley’s life and this book and how in all of her quirkiness she was accepted for who she was, even if she exasperated Marilla and Matthew at times.

…Anne’s story reminds us that God makes no mistakes

Rachel Dodge

This book has everything in it for spending quality time in God’s word, with snippets from Green Gable books, bible verses, ways to personally apply what you have learnt into your life and a prayer. It is not only great for the new christian for guidance but is also a point of difference for someone that has been a child of God for many years. There is a comfort that comes from the words and great reminders of God’s love throughout.

I love that Rachel uses a few different bible versions throughout her book which I think is a thoughtful option for readers. I also really appreciate the discussion questions at the end of the book which is great not only for teens but adults as well. Rachel has thoughtfully included a section on her website with discussion ideas for younger children. It is pretty special when the whole family can enjoy and learn from a devotional book all together.

The other really special part of the book is the Glossary of Anne Shirley quotes in the glossary broken down by subject. You are bound to find one of your favourites here undert topics such as books, prayer, friendship, Kindred spirits, and mistakes.

What I find most endearing about this book and its author is that at the heart of it all is not only Rachel’s love of literature and Anne Shirley, but her acknowledgement of Jesus and her love for him moves me the most. Her devotion to God and love of community makes me feel like I have really found a kindred spirit.

Thank you Rachel and Barbour Books for the opportunity to step into the world of Anne Shirely in a new and inspired way.

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