Breathing Words…

Reading is like breathing for me.
It’s a necessity that keeps ideas churning and inspiration moving.

Reading books envelop me and allow me the freedom of discovering new words and chains of thought I may never have visited otherwise.

While there are times when concentrating on the pages seem impossible because living with mental illness can sometimes consume all my headspace, I must still be surrounded by the written word in whatever format I can.

Sometimes that consists of me running my hands over the spines of my books, remembering the stories within. On other occasions, it’s looking at what others are reading and being inspired by what’s not making ‘bookstagram’ because I like hidden gems or simply flicking through the pages and waiting until I’m ready to dive in.

I get that not everyone can understand the need to have books in their lives, but for me, they are more than entertainment – they are giving life to curiosities and they inspire my writing.

I stopped writing on here quite a long time ago because I was only reading because someone sent it to me to read, rather than looking to enjoy what spoke to me. I still wanted to support authors but decided I could no longer do it in the way I had done so previously.

So I am back sharing in a different way. I will share my thoughts occasionally on books and I have some I am thinking I want to chat more about on here but I will also talk about reading in lots of other ways which I hope will also include interviewing people who inspire me with their advocacy of books, reading or writing.

Thank you for waiting for me to return.

It feels like home and I hope I can continue to make it a place for you to enjoy.

Allison xo

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