All Tied Up in Guilt

Hi friends and fellow readers

Nearly two years ago, I said I was back and would keep blogging, and I didn’t. I wanted to, but I was feeling fatigued, and I felt guilty because I felt like I had turned my back on children’s literacy, and that is what this blog was built on.

I realised that I stopped reading for enjoyment and myself and was entirely focused on sharing children’s books because I value the importance of giving children the very best start with literacy. I still love kid lit and picture books and will always be supportive in different ways, but now I am reading for myself, and occasionally I have thoughts.

This year I am reading different, somewhat randomly, a lot of non-fiction so far, and I no longer feel guilty reading for myself. I am not usually someone that goes for books the masses read, but that may change too!

So, today I am here to say hello and will be back occasionally to share something bookish, whether it’s my thoughts on a recent read or something else.

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Image courtesy of “book stack” by ginnerobot is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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