Teen Read – Noteworthy

This book isn’t out until May…

But a little advanced teasing doesn’t hurt does it because I know this will be on the read list of many teens.

For myself however (who got an advanced sneak peak), I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book…but before I get too ahead let’s see what this book is.




Noteworthy By Riley Redgate
Published by: Amulet Books
Expected Publication: 2 May 2017

I give this:


Back to my thoughts on this book, so I was saying I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this book, it isn’t my normal type of read but I do enjoy reading teen fiction and am happy to read something out of my comfort zone.  In this case I was glad I did because it took me on a deeper journey than I thought.

My initial expectations of the book were that it is just a story about an A Capella group.  What I mean by this is people fighting over songs, people wanting to join the group and all that type of typical group dynamics exploration.  As it turned out it wasn’t that simple, I was led on a journey getting to know Jordan/Julian and her/his desire to be accepted, to have her time in the spotlight only having to disguise herself to do it and  bonding with a group of guys all unique and valued in their own way.

The most confusing/disappointing/underdeveloped part of the story was about Michael, I know there were snippets of him throughout the book whether it be a memory or just the mere mention of his name.  Yet, when I first began reading the  book I felt that his role was going to be larger than it was and his character would be developed further which essentially wasn’t to be.  I can see how vital his role was to the whole plot of the story and Jordan accepting herself and moving on, so I also recognise that any more added content would have probably been taking the book in the wrong direction.  So while I was confused and disappointed I also understood the possible reasoning behind the story line.

So I know I haven’t said too much about the book but it is one of those books that if I was to reveal anymore then I would give to much away.

You know what this means don’t you…

Yep that’s right you will need to read the book…don’t worry I will remind you in May.

…Just one last thing though, I was satisfied with the ending!


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