An Adventure in Pictures


Today I got to experience the magical world of Story Island – an adventure in pictures which is currently located at Braybrook Library and Community Hub, Melbourne, Australia.  It is a lovely interactive area which is a perfect space for parents and children to spend time together exploring, reading, and learning while enjoying the wonderful world of illustrations and stories.

The exhibition has been brought together by the State Library of Victoria and the Public Libraries Victoria Network to support the early literacy skills of Victorian children.  The exhibition delights the eye with illustrations from Australia’s most significant collection of original art works, many that have been featured in Australia’s children books.

If you get the chance take the time to pop into the Braybrook Library and enjoy the exhibition.  Play with the puppets, lift the lids to see what is underneath, practice words by reading the letters on the lift the flaps, grab a booklet and enjoy the activities, Join the library too if you like and borrow a book.

This exhibition is literacy at its best.  It encompasses so many aspects of literacy experiences which extends further than books.

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