A Tribute to Dick Bruna


Dick Bruna, beloved author and illustrator died late last week and was not only loved by my generation but the generation before me and is still loved today.  Bruna began writing and illustrating the simply drawn Miffy books in 1955 and continued to work into his early 80’s with over 120 books to his name.


I believe Bruna’s success was based on his ability to keep it simple and writing stories that very much relate to children’s lives.  With books such as Miffy at the playground, Miffy at School, Miffy dances and Miffy at the zoo, you can see the topics are all experiences that children have.

If you have never read a Dick Bruna Miffy book why not seek one out and give it a try.  Rest in Peace Dick Bruna…Miffy will continue to live on through many more generations to come.

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