Throwback Thursday – Things


By Roger Hargreaves


Dear Allison, Happy 7th Birthday…it was 1984 and I was already an avid reader and my aunt and uncle gifted me this book, Things.  I loved it, oh what a favourite this was and I read it night after night even when some would have considered me too old (I don’t think there is an age limit when it comes to picture books).

“Once in a country called Nowehere, I heard a strange sort of call, I looked and I looked for somethingbut there was nothing at all.” or so it seems.  Even though I knew what happened next I was always excited to turn the page where I discovered more Things!


There are different shaped Things, circles, squares, Things in cars, with boxing gloves and a moon made of cheese…yes really a moon made of cheese.

There are Things playing instruments , riding in balloons, there are Things that know a Thing or two or even a Thing or three.

I think you can see that there are lots of Things happening in this book and it basically is just a lot of fun.  Fun reading can help instill the love of reading into your child as it did with me, reading need not be boring and Things will certainly keep the reader entertained. It is a little different from the Mr Men books that Roger Hargreaves is so famous for, in fact I always found this book easier to read than a Mr Men book and more enjoyable.

So if you are after a Thing or two to read and you can locate a copy, enjoy the read.

I will leave the last word to the Things


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