Guest Teen Reviewer – Elizabeth

I am delighted to introduce to you our guest teen reviewer Elizabeth who I hope will become a regular contributor throughout the year, as well as some other guests.  I asked Elizabeth to be a guest because she shares my passion for literature, and what I love is that she reads a variety of books and has been reading a series her grandma was reading as a child. Thank you Elizabeth for being my first guest reviewer. Please comment on the review and let Elizabeth know what you thought.

A Little Bush Maid

A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
First published in 1910.  This is book one of 15 in “The Billabong Series” published between 1910-1942

I liked all the animals in the book and the different things that happened.  I found the book is sometimes hard to follow because it uses old words that I didn’t always understand.

Norah lives in a big cattle and sheep station in the North of Victoria.  Norah’s dad, David Linton, ran this station. Norah was brought up on the station, where she lived all her life.  She loves her dad and brother, Jim, but when it comes to animals Norah’s love never dies for she will bring home injured or sick animals.

It’s children’s fiction.  I found the whole book believable , I could picture the story, every last detail, because the description was fantastic.

My Favourite Character is Norah because, just like her, I love animals.

By Elizabeth
Age 13

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