Animals and Colours Board Books

Between the ages of 0-5, babies and children are absorbing information all the time because their brains are developing at a rapid pace, and that is why librarians encourage you to read, sing songs and rhymes to your children including babies. A lot of parents ask me if their child is too young for a library card and my answer is “no, children can have library cards from birth”, their response is always a look of surprise. Parents, caregivers, grandparents no longer need to be surprised because libraries have lots of fantastic board books just for that purpose, baby borrowers.  Board books are designed to withstand babies and their throwing, dribbling and patting of hands all over the books.

You cannot go wrong when choosing a book, but in case you don’t know where to start I have two books that I am going to share with you today.

     Animals & Colours Emily Bolam – Published by Campbell Books      Date: 2017

These two lovely board books are textured and are perfect for reading to babies, especially those that are starting to reach and hold items.  The books are both very colourful which are quite engaging to the eye.

The colours book concentrates on the primary colours, Red, Yellow, Blue, alongside other familiar colours to children such as green, black and white.  The pictures included are basic but perfect for babies because they aren’t busy or overwhelming.  Babies will be able to run their fingers over the bumpy texture which engages them with the book further.

The animals book is delightful, with more texture for the babies to run their hands over. This book not only gives you the opportunity to talk about textures, animals and the noises they make, and looking at colours but also pointing out shapes.  For example circles on the frog page and lines on the spiky echidna.

I recommend both these books for babies and toddlers.


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