Throwback Thursday – Storyteller Book & Cassette

Storyteller Book & Cassette

By Marshall Cavendish

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I remember this cover well, except I am fairly sure in Australia they were titled Story Time Books. My mum collected this book and cassette set for us and I would listen to them as I went to sleep of a night.  The thing I find most amusing is that I remember only one story Gobbolinio the Witch’s Cat…although I remember it as Sootica the Witch’s Cat, perhaps it was because we had a cat named Sootica. As soon as I heard the story on YouTube I knew it was the story that I kind of loved but was also kind of scared of.  Being in the time of the Cassette, I am surprised that the tapes didn’t wear out because I played them over and over.

Each issue had several stories in them; the Emperors New Clothes, The Shoe Tree, Jester Minute and The Three Wishes.  These tapes were just another part of my childhood literacy journey.  I used to find the readers quite engaging, their voices perfect for storytelling.  There is just something special about people who are gifted at storytelling, their voices smooth and so enchanting.

I would love to hear from anyone else that had these as a child, why did you love them?What was your favourite story?

Here is a little snippet I found:

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