My First Dance – Tap



My First Dance: Tap
Published by Sterling Children’s Books
Photography by Jennifer Garnet Photography
Date: 2016



How gorgeous is this book! As soon as I saw it in the library catalogue I just knew I needed to share this with you all.  My family have had dance in their lives for many years and tap has always been my favourite.

The photography and colours used in the book are beautiful, pages showing tape moves, shoes and groups dancing. It is a lovely introduction for your new little tapper.  The book shows both boys and girls enjoying dance which I think is awesome.


This board book would be great for an early reader, with one word per page making it easy to read.


The book would also be good for children to understand what you need when learning to tap dance, such as what the shoes look like.

Want to see more of this gorgeous book, check out my video below.


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