Do Not Open This Book

Andy Lee is not someone you think of as an author of a children’s book, well I don’t anyway, I usually associate him adult humour.  Andy is quite adamant that the pages shouldn’t be turned….but it is just too tempting of course and well read on to find out more…



Illustrated by Heath McKenzie
Published by Lake Press
Date: 7 September 2016




I love books for different reasons, and this one is because it is an interactive and fun read in a group sessions.  For me, it is also mostly about the words and not the pictures.

Oh! You opened the book.
I assume that was an accident?
No problem, accidents happen.
I’m not even angry.

Just PLEASE don’t turn the page.

The different use of word directions on the pages, the use of capital letters in red, small writing and wordless pages provide great scope for the use of rhythm, change in voice pitch and tone, being dramatic, speaking fast and slow, and just having a whole heap of storytelling fun. My experience with this book in the past has been the more fun you have with your voice, the funnier the children find it, the louder the story session is and you find that your laughing yourself.


This book is great for many age groups because of how interactive it is. While there are quite a few words in the book, it can easily be shortened for a toddler group without losing anything from the story and kept the same for three years and up. I can easily see this book being loved by 5-7 year olds where silly is what this age group loves.


There is not much more I can tell you about this book because I don’t want to spoil the ending.  The only thing left to say is if you have not read this book then I suggest you do…But Do NOT Open This Book…well maybe just quickly to read it.

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