A Beary Busy Storytime

It’s School holidays here in Australia but storytime has still been happening at most branches of our library.  Yesterday I had the privilege of taking a preschool session and we had so much fun.  I had some really lovely books about bears that I wanted to read to the children so that is why I chose this theme.

That Bear Can’t Babysit by Ruth Quayle
Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see by Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle
I am a Bear by Ben Bailey Smith & Sav Akyüz

We always start with the Hi Hello How Are You Song using all sorts of different waves. These include fairy waves, bunny ear waves, royal ways and sometimes a regular wave.
One of my old favourites I know a Hairy Bear was one of the most favoured songs of the session.

If You’re Happy and You Know it
Open Shut them (with the silly version)
Wiggerly Woo
Put Your Finger on Your Nose
Old Macdonald – we started with a bear and the children got to choose the animals from there, there were some fun ones including a monkey and a donkey.
Shake my Sillies Out – a storytime favourite where the children dance and get really involved.
Rock-a-bye Your Bear
We finished with my favourite version of Twinkle Twinkle which is a good way to settle the group down ready for creative time.

Creative Time
We did bear claws for the creative part of Story Time.  I didn’t do any templates as I like the children to use their imagination. I showed them my claw and let them get creative from there.  The children created some beautiful claws, some of which I will share with you.

What I loved about this session is that one little boy wanted to create a face once he had done his claw, I loved that he was inspired to do more and to do his own thing.


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