Throwback Thursday – My Own Cookbook

Another book gifted to me as a child but this time from my nana, she was known for cooking delicious food especially her scones which she could whip up in minutes.  So it was not surprising when she gifted me this cookbook which was probably considered quite cool in the 80’s.


My Own Cookbook

By Carol Bowen


Looking back over this book and looking at recent cookbooks for children, there has been a big change in portion sizes of food and the types of recipes.  This book is full or hot dogs, sausage wrappers and souffleed welsh rarebit as apposed to kale chips, cupcakes, and layer cakes.


It had all the kitchen safety and tool requirements, and the do’s and don’ts. I like that it is at the beginning of the book.



The pictures are very much in 80’s style, as are the drawn illustrations which also are a little humorous.  All the illustrated children in the book have orange hair, there must be a story behind that.  If you know let me know.

I actually don’t remember cooking anything from this book but I must have as there are cooking stains on some of the pages.  I do remember looking through it a lot though and wishing I could cook the yummy items. I loved cooking but hated the cleaning up.

So that is it for Throwback Thursday for today but don’t forget to take a look at my last post and enter the giveaway.

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