D-BOT Squad Series & Giveaway

I know I say this about so many books that I read BUT I really really really love these first 4 books in the D-Bot Squad series.  I am not the only one who loves them because according to reviews on the D-Bot Squad web page children are saying that these books are AWESOME and made them feel both AMAZING, and EXCITED. I agree with them…because I read one after the other until I had read all 4. You know how some people binge watch TV…I believe I just binge read the first four books in this series and if you continue reading you will see why.




D-Bot Squad Series by Mac Park
Illustrated by James Hart
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: 1 July 2017
R.R.P: $9.99 each



As far as Chapter books go, the D-Bot Squad Series by Mac Park has it all and will not only capture your early readers imagination, but yours too. The authors, collectively known as Mac Park have an amazing imagination that brings the D-Bots alive. Some of you are probably wondering what D-Bots are? They are simply Robotic Dinosaurs and in this series the authors have brought them alive with abilities to help capture real dinosaurs.


Book one – Dino Hunter introduces you to two of the main characters, Hunter and Ms Stegg (isn’t the play on her name wonderful). I find it particularly awesome (being a librarian myself) that Ms Stegg is the School Librarian.
Hunter Marks knows a lot about dinosaurs and  sees one, but no one believes him except for Ms Stegg.  It is early in the novel we find out that Ms Stegg isn’t all that she seems, much to the surprise of Hunter. It is here that we also find out about D-Bots and the Squad.
Like each of these books it ends on a cliff hanger…




Book Two – Sky High just gets better than the first because we get to read about the D-Bots and the Squad in action. Mission 1 is to capture and teleport a missing pterodactyl to Dino Corp. Hunter thinks it will be easy peasy, but the reality is a whole lot different.  In this book, Hunter learns that while he wants to be the hero and do it all himself that it isn’t as easy as it looks.  As he chases a bigger dinosaur he also learns that his D-Bot might not be powerful enough.



Book Three – Double Trouble is a turning point for Hunter and his D-Bot as they meet another member of the squad, Charlie.  In this book Hunter and Charlie come together and join the strength and abilities of their D-Bots to try and capture a mega flying dinosaur.
We learn that Hunter is amazed by this flying creature, but that his D-Bot isn’t strong enough on his own. Not only is it a lot of fun seeing the dynamics between Hunger and Charlies, there is a beautiful message showing that working together can achieve a whole lot more.




Book Four – Big Stink had me laughing a lot. This book will really appeal to anyone that finds farting funny…child or adult. According to Hunter, there is a dinosaur that farts so much and is so toxic that it renders him dizzy and unable to move (I think we all know someone like this).  Fortunatley, Charlie resuces Hunter with the help of a gas mask and putting their knowledge together they are able to trick the smelly dinosaur.  This is not the end of the adventures in this book though, they must put their skills together to built a better, bigger double dinosaur to face what is coming next…


So overall, these books are fun, fresh, stinky, imaginative, and are about robotics and STEM. I thought I would add also, that Hunter, Charlie and Ms Stegg are not out there to hurt the dinosaurs, their actual goal is to protect them. These books are a great early literacy tool, they encourage the young reader to read as the words are written for 5 year olds to understand.  The small chapters give your reader small goals to work towards and make reading less overwhelming. I highly recommend this series be added to your collection.

No Dinosaurs or D-Bots were harmed during the reviewing of these books



Want to own these four books?  Know someone in your life that would love to read these? I am giving away the first four books in the series and they could be yours.

In the comments section tell me what your D-Bot would look like and what would you name it?

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. I will give a bonus entry to those whose children draw a D-Bot or Dinosaur that can be emailed to me at alliwinchester@gmail.com. I will showcase some of these on my blog when I announce the winner.

Competition is open to all countries, entrants must be 18 years or over and competition closes on Monday 24 July 2017 at 9am. Winner will be announced within two days of the closing date.

10 Thoughts

  1. My dinosaur would look like a mamenchisaurus and due to it’s amazingly long neck I would name him Longfellow.


  2. I think I would go with a t-Rex. But I would give him longer arms. And I would name him Timmy because that’s my sons name!


  3. My dbot would look like a metal stegosaurus, and each spike along his back would have a built-in function – Dino GPS, cooler for water bottles… the necessities for cool dbot missions. His name would be Lego. Lego, my stego. 🙂


  4. My D-BOT would resemble a Titanosaur! I would call her ‘Slideasaurus’ because I could slide down her long neck and epic tail to land wherever I needed to be!


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