Ivy Pocket



Ivy Pocket Series by Caleb Krisp
Illustrations by John Kelly
Published by Bloomsbury
Date: 4 Sept 2015 & 1 June 2016


How does anyone describe Ivy Pocket? Most people think she is quirky, despite being 12 she has the spirit of an old women, she’s exasperating, constantly doing things that she doesn’t realise she is doing, she is unaware of the baddies around her and people are constantly requesting that their home addresses are not revealed to Ivy.  I find Ivy Pocket to be a bit of a train wreck, but inadvertently funny, endearing, imaginative and most importantly a heroine who like to share tall tales while unknowingly getting the job done.

IMG_3274.JPG“Anyone But Ivy Pocket” introduced me to this pocket rocket who unknowingly causes chaos and mayhem wherever she goes. In this book Ivy is sworn to secrecy as she takes on a secret mission to get the clock diamond to one Miss Matilda Butterfield, at her birthday in front of everyone. We soon learn that Ivy is not good at keeping secrets and the one person that could ruin it all for her, Miss Always, is who Ivy considers a trusted person to share with.


IMG_3279The exasperating Ivy Pocket is back and it seems that not a whole lot has changed, except now she has parents who aren’t all that they seem. The mayhem and madness continues in this book as Ivy sets out on a mission to rescue her dear, sad friend Rebecca. Ivy finds a listener in Miss Carnage during her escapes to the library, and throughout her mission.

What are the outcomes in these books?  Some of you Ivy fans will know but I cannot spoil it for those who haven’t read these yet. What I can say is that I highly recommend these books for anyone over 9.  The books are large so would also make a good bedtime story session for the less confident reader.

The author, Caleb Krisp has a wonderful sense of adventure and humor.  His books will exasperate parents, yet fill your children with laughter and a sense of understanding the crazy world of Ivy Pocket.  Ivy Pocket books have the feel of Lemony Snicket, with the same sort of quirky characters and storylines and characters you come to love despite their crazy, strange ways.

Now I have shared these two books I can soon bring to you the third in the series …yes there is a new one out.  So if you want to hear more about the world of Ivy Pocket, stay tuned over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to Bloomsbury and the author for the opportunity to read and honestly review these books.

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