Computer Coding: Python Projects For Kids





Computer Coding: Python Projects For Kids
Published by DK Australia
Date: 31 July 2017
R.R.P: $35.00




I am aware that for many the thought of coding is scary, to be honest it scares me too. When it is broken down though into understandable text like this book gives us, it is then that you will realise that coding is like anything we learn, with time anything is possible.

The book is extremely thorough from the outset, the introduction gives an insight into what coding is, what python is, what to install and where to begin. It took me a little while to get used to the different ‘language’, with the use of words such as Hacks, Tweaks, Modules, and Strings.


What I liked about this book is that even though it has a lot of pages, it doesn’t feel at all overwhelming. The author has broken down each page so that there is a good balance between text, pictures and useful information boxes. You can work through a few pages at a time, and if there is any uncertainty the project reference and glossary can be referred to.


It is clear in the title that the book is for kids, however it is well suited to anyone starting out with coding, especially if you know nothing about it. I think it is particularly useful for a parent that wants to learn about what their children are doing in Libraries and Schools. It is also a book that would be well used with children and parents together.


The types of projects in the book include learning about fixing bugs, making decisions and modules to start with. Moving onto graphics, playful apps and games varying in difficulty and length.  A notable strength of this book is the additional coding experiences on the DK website which can be found at


The only real change I think would improve this book is making the Remember to Save Your Work logo in a bright colour rather than black to stand out more, otherwise the contributors have been thorough.


So, you can probably tell that I highly recommend this book before I even say it. DK have a great strength in delivering educational and fun books and this is one of its most recent best.

Thank you to DK Australia for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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