This is a Book!



This is a Book! (no wifi needed) by Felicity McLean
Illustrated by Georgie Wilson
Published by Piccolo Nero | 1 November 2017
RRP: $24.99


This book is NOT – an iPad! It’s not linked. It’s not synched…  It’s so BORING!…” Oh actually wait – I just have to interrupt and say that it is FAR from BORING! It’s actually a whole lot of FUN!

This book has been written with children in mind that have never lived in a world without iPads. It may look like an iPad and inside it is a world of colour and patterns like an iPad but it is indeed a book.  The story revolves around a little girl who explains why the book isn’t an iPad.  She points out that there is no volume control, that you actually have to turn the pages rather than swiping across, and she thinks books have had plenty of chances because they are sooooo ooollldddd!


I love that this book celebrates the difference between an iPad and books, while discovering just how wonderful and versatile books are. One of my most favourite lines in the whole book is “A kid could get lost for days in one of these things.” Yes that is true and yes this is what we want to happen (especially us librarians).

The book isn’t dissing the use of iPads, it is celebrating the art of reading through the physical book.  It is about celebrating the feel of turning the pages, of making discoveries, of getting ‘lost’ in stories, discovering libraries and bookstores that have more for us to read, and learning that fun can be achieved away from a screen.


The illustrations  by Georgie Wilson are interesting, they are completely different from her art pieces but are fun, and very suitable for the book.  I am not sure if this makes sense to others, but she has added layers that make your eyes see texture on the pages. Some of the pages do feel very busy but there is an odd balance between those and the few pages that have a little more room to breathe in them.


Next time you open a book, be WOWED by seeing, feeling and hearing because even though no wifi is needed, there are adventures to be had and worlds to be explored through the written word.

I think this book is perfect to add to your child’s collection.  The fact that it looks like an iPad will make it fun for them, and if you look closely on each page you will see a little mouse hiding. So indeed this is a book and not an iPad and it is all sorts of wonderful!

Thank you to Piccolo Nero for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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