A Christmas Advent Story


A Christmas Advent Story by Ivy Snow
Illustrated by Hannah Tolson
Published by Bloomsbury|Allen & Unwin
Date: 1 October 2017
R.R.P. 21.99


I have had A Christmas Advent Story by Ivy Snow for a couple of months now and I really wanted to wait until today, the 1 December to share it with you all.  It was hard to wait because this book is something special.

The first time I read through it I ran my hand over each shiny page, making discoveries until the very end.  It was like the excitement of opening an advent calendar, the anticipation swirling around you as you open the first numbered flap or in this case the cover of the book.  What you don’t realise until you start reading through those pages is that there is so much to see in this book, and combined with Ivy Snow’s words you are taken on a wonderful wintery Christmas adventure.


Ok, so the Australians reading this blog are probably thinking Christmas and winter doesn’t make sense to us, we are sweltering in the heat rather than sitting by the fire.  Once you open these pages though it doesn’t matter because you get transported to another destination and it all begins to make sense.

The illustrations by Hannah Tolson will leave your imagination full and dreaming up ideas of your own.  Each picture with little snippets to discover, not only under the numbered flaps but throughout each page; happy children, Christmas trees,  family, doves, homes and stars.  The book very much reflects the message of peace and it is nice to disappear into that world just for a short time, a place to imagine and be filled with hope.

The book reads like there is a new story on each page, children are able to identify numbers, and recognise simple words that relate to the picture under the flaps, making it a book ideal for the early reader. E.G. words and pictures such as Dog, Bird and Bell.

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit and want to read something with a little bit of difference and a whole lot of fun then I suggest reading this book.  4

Thank you to Bloomsbury and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and review this book




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