Wombat & Fox: The Whole Story



Wombat & Fox: The Whole Story by Terry Denton
Published by Allen & Unwin Children’s
Date: 22 November 2017
R.R.P. $16.99


If you haven’t chosen a book for your chapter book readers stocking yet then I suggest grabbing a copy of Terry Denton’s Wombat & Fox: The Whole Story.  There will be lots of laughter and mayhem, and your young reader will not want to put it down (I know I didn’t want to).  In a nutshell, trouble follows Wombat and Fox wherever they go, or is that meant to be they follow trouble?  What do you think?


Each character brings some sort of adventure to the story:

  • We have the cool, calm but stubborn chip eating wombat.
  • The very emotional, jumpy, mask and cape wearing fox.
  • The ever so fun, spider hating croc.
  • The VERY annoying five monkeys.
  • The richest little fellow in town, bandicoot.
  • The twinnies – hippo sisters who never break the rules.

The book is a good mixture of writing and illustrations, all are in black and white and add character to the book.  The visual aspects combined with the story makes it an  easier read for those children who struggle through a book with all words and no pictures.  The illustrations just add to the humor and will have you seeing the disaster before the words tell us about it.


Within the pages there are three books which are broken down into Tales of the CitySummer in the City, and Thrillseekers.  My favourite is the first book, because it gave me a really good introduction to all the characters and had me laughing a lot.  There are lots of ‘OOOWWWCCCHHHHH!’ and ‘ARGH!’, even more ‘Ha ha ha!’, and a few ‘SMASH’.  Sounds like fun and pandemonium doesn’t it.

If you chapter book reader likes an adventurous read where trouble is never far behind, then they will enjoy ever bit of Wombat & Fox. In the words of Andy Griffiths ‘Wombat & Fox rocks!’ 

Thank you Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and review this book



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